Ok, I want to acknowledge that another blogger, Professionally Depressed Professional (I keep wanting to write *Developed* which I think speaks to how much I’ve been enjoying her blog and that I think she is doing a pretty fantastic job of Being and Doing and Thriving, not to mention coping, surviving and struggling with GRACE) has nominated me as a Very Inspiring Blogger.

That’s just pretty darn swell.

I’m supposed to tag other bloggers, tag the nominating blogger but I don’t really know how to tag… is it like on facebook?  @TheProfessionallyDepressedProfessional … Hmm… not quite but anyhow, thank you for the nod.

I’d like to acknowledge another thing… I haven’t read too many blogs.  I’m supposed to nominate 7 but at this time I have really only dug in to 3.

The Professionally Depressed Professional

Soar Inspire Love

In Others’ Words

These three, currently, have left me with some fist pumps to the sky, some tears, some heart expanding ‘me toos’ and a general all-round feeling of the world being right and ok.  If we can rise up, well, that says a whole damn lot.


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