How To Use This Blog

This is a brand new blog but I have ideas oh yes!

Categories!  Currently there are two, “My Story” and “The Tool Shed”.

My story is obvious and may only contain one post, though I may eventually put other posts because I am not just one short story, I am a compendium of short stories that create a much larger whole… So, we will see how that grows.

The Tool Shed is where you will find posts about my coping strategies; the really crappy ones (and how I am phasing them out or have already phased out), the kind of OK ones, and the really super great ones.

As an addition to The Tool Shed I may come up with another category for specific tools like books, websites, speakers, videos… things I turn to in the moment that I find helpful and insightful.

So far that’s it for my categories but more may show up.

Thanks for visiting.

❤ Blessings ❤


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