Places I Go

This is going to be a running ever evolving page.

These are websites I go to for community, comfort, guidance, beauty… Currently a short list but I hope it will grow 🙂

This site is really cool.  She curates a lot of great excerpts and quotes from some really insightful writers past and present, has an incredible taste in artwork and, for those who are into the astrology thing, she curates an excellent selection of posts from some of the internet’s top astrologers.

Wild Woman Rising
I just discovered this online magazine a few days ago but am made very excited by it.  Curated by women for women.  They appear to have a continuing call for contributors which I intend to respond to at some point in the future.  The poetry and art work here is moving and they have music sometimes too!  A great place to visit when you want that virtual hand to hold… ❤

Wild Woman
Another wild woman… notice a trend? 😉  Another good place to go when you want to get your juice fired up, find your empowerment and howl out at the sky.

There isn’t enough amazing I can say about this woman and her work.  Her website is intuitive glory and her facebook page is dripping with spiritual medicine.  I can’t count how many times one of her posts has arrived in my newsfeed as exactly what I needed in that very moment… She shines a light so gently on the parts I have left buried and in such a comforting, loving way, helps me unearth the gems lost in the wounds.  Her photo gallery on facebook is a treasure trove of healing images for you soul.  I kid you not, hours can be spent sifting through that album…

Ram Dass
A great spiritual thinker… At a time I needed some guidance I found a video of his on youtube about addiction that was incredibly eye opening and very comforting.  He has a beautiful, personable way of talking to his audience; he’s kind of like… a grampa I would have liked to know.

Do you have suggestions?  Places on the net you go for solace or guidance or even just a good laugh?  Please share in the comments so this list can grow.

❤ Blessings ❤


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